Nutrixxion Ukraine

We are glad to introduce you the German company Nutrixxion – the energy partner of Skole Ultra Trail. The feature of Nutrixxion is specialization in endurance sports. More than twenty years of experience and a clear understanding of the needs of runners and cyclists allow the Germans to create the right premium quality sports nutrition.

"Premium-quality" is not a beautiful words, but the manufacturer's obligation to use only the highest quality ingredients. Isotonic, energy gels and bars Nutrixxion are designed for active people who care about their health and seek to optimize the diet for maximum results.

Athletic diet is not a substitute for a healthy diet. But if you set an ambitious goal, high-quality sports nutrition can completely reveal your sporting potential. Do not forget that specialized nutrition takes care of our body during extreme loads: it provides the correct carbohydrates, maintains the balance of trace elements, helps to restore muscle and generally protects the body from premature wear.

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