Place and time of the competition

Location: Skole town, Lviv region
Dates: June 18-19, 2022
The starting camp is located on the banks of the Opir River, near the lake (coordinates 49.029134, 23.509203).


The competition program is available via the link.


Gorgany Skole Ultra Trail includes 4 distances:
- 101 km "Yavoryna", total elevation gain 4500 m, time limit 34 hours, 4 ITRA points;
- 52 km "Dovbush Rocks", total elevation gain 2300 m, time limit 14 hours, 3 ITRA points;
- 34 km "Easter Island", total elevation gain 1540 m, time limit 11 hours, 2 ITRA points;
- 20 km "Dragon Mountain", total elevation gain 960 m, time limit 6 hours, 1 ITRA point.

The start of the race "Yavoryna" 101 km - June 18, 2022 at 6:00.
The start of the race "Dovbush Rocks" 52 km - June 19, 2022 at 7:00.
The start of the race "Easter Island" 34 km - June 19, 2022 at 7:30.
The start of the race "Dragon Mountain" 20 km - June 19, 2022 at 8:00.


Registration for the races is made on the website (until June 16, 2022) and in the starting camp (June 17-18, 2022).

Registration fee, EUR:

  20 km 34 km 52 km 101 km
before 1.01.2022 16 19 25 31
from 1.01.2022 to 21.04.2022 inclusive 19 24 30 36
from 2.04.2022 to 10.06.2022 inclusive 22 28 34 41
from 11.06.2022 to 16.06.2022 inclusive (number without name) 24 30 36 42
17-18.06.2022 in the starting camp (number without name) 25 31 38 44

The last day of registration on the site is 16.06.2022

To re-register for another person, you must inform the organizers by e-mail at The last day of re-registration is 16.06.2022

To re-register for a different race, you must inform the organizers about it by e-mail at and pay the difference in the cost of registration. When re-registering for a smaller distance, the difference between the registration value (less bank fees and payment systems) is refunded to the participant when notified before 1.05.2022 inclusive. When notified after 1.05.2022, the difference in the cost of registration is not refundable.

In case of refusal to participate in the competition and notifying the organizers before 1.05.2022 inclusive, the participant will be returned the full amount of the registration fee, less the commission of banks and payment systems. Upon notification after 1.05.2022, the registration fee will not be refunded.

Start packages

The start packages pickup is held in the base camp on June 17-18, 2022.

To receive the start package you need to have a completed "Exemption from liability" agreement and the identity document.

By signing the agreement, the participant agrees to all terms and conditions of the agreement and this regulation.

The start package includes:
- race number;
- drinks and food at checkpoints;
- pasta party after the run;
- memorable souvenirs from the organizers;
- information materials from organizers and sponsors;
- photos.

The registration fee also includes the finisher's medal. If the participant could not overcome the race within the time limit, then the finisher's medal is not given to him.

Requirements for participants

On the race day, the participant must be at least 18 years old.

The starting number must be affixed to the upper clothing or backpack in such a way that it can be seen completely.

Participants agree that their personal data (name and surname, date of birth and gender) will be published in the participants lists and the official results lists and that their photos and videos may be used by the organizers for race coverage in media.

Race participation may lead to injuries of differing levels of severity, ranging from the minor ones to those that may result in disability or even death. Participants must be aware of it and take full responsibility for their health. In case there are any signs of injuries, the participant is obliged to stop the race.

All participants pay attention to the injuries of other participants of the competition and are obliged to help those who need help and notify the organizers about this situation.

Mandatory equipment

A complete list of required equipment and penalties for his absence.

Each competitor must carry his own equipment throughout the entire race.

Mandatory equipment may will be checked before the start, at the check-points and after the finish.

A participant gets a penalty for each missing item of mandatory equipment.

Bag drop

Participants of the race "Yavorina" 101 km have the opportunity to transfer personal belongings (volume up to 5 liters, weight up to 3 kg) to the checkpoint village Kozakivka.
These things can be used only once, at KP4 "Kozakivka vlg" 51.4 km.

Reception of things is carried out from 5:00 to 6:00 on June 18, 2022 in the starting camp.

Participants will be able to get their belongings back after 22:00 on June 18.


There are check-points at the distances where participants can enjoy drinks and light meals.

For most check-points, a time limit is set for participants to complete. Participants arriving at a check-point later than the control time are removed from the distance.

A complete list of check-points with detailed information about them.

Rules of passing distance

Participants must follow the route specified by the organizers according to the marking and / or GPS track of the course.

Completion of the race is successful if the participant completes it before the end of the control time. A competitor who has come at a checkpoint or finish after a time limit will receive DNF status (do not finished).

At the distance the competitor has the right to accept assistance only from other participants.

Outside assistance (transportation, food, beverages, physical or technical assistance of third parties) is prohibited at the distance.

Assistance from supporters (i.e. supplying food & drink to competitors) is allowed in the check-points only. Professional race assistance from a team, trainer, Doctor or other qualified medical person is not allowed.

Accompanying a Competitor for "moral support" along the route is permitted for a short time (max 500 m) but any physical assistance, such as assistance from trained runners or "pacemakers" is strictly prohibited.

Competitors opting to use walking poles at the start of the race must carry these throughout the entire race until the Finish. It is not permitted to take on or to get rid of poles during the race.


Penalties for lack of mandatory equipment are listed on the page Mandatory equipment.

Offense Penalty
Support or food given by a person not participating in the race (outside check-points) 10 minutes to disqualification
Taking short cuts or leaving the marked route completely 10 minutes to disqualification
Refusal to help other competitor in trouble 1 hour
If a participant used walking poles, but did not carry them all the distance disqualification

Race route markings

The race course is marked with plastic tape. In addition, sections which may be passed at night will be marked with reflective signs.

Race abandonments

A participant who has decided to leave the race must immediately inform the organizers by the phone.

Competitors who decide of their own volition to abandon the race, should only do so, as far as possible, at a check-point.

Participants who has left the race at the check-point will be provided with first aid, food and warmth.

The organizers do not guarantee the immediate delivery of the participant who has left the race to the starting camp.


Three men and three women are awarded winners’ medals in all races.

Winners and prize winners in club competitions (separately for men and women) are determined at all races. At each race, the best 3 results shown by club members are taken into account. To participate in club competitions, the club must have at least 3 finishers on a race.

Changing the route, start time and race cancellation

If bad weather conditions prevail the race organisers and staff may be forced to change the race route, check-points or start time according to safety measures, at any time. The race organiser reserves the right to cancel the race for safety reasons. Should the race be cancelled, the entry fee will not be refunded.

Partners and sponsors